Better website. Old fashioned banking values.

Welcome to a better Premier Members Credit Union website experience.

Here is what you can expect!

Overall there is a new look and feel. The navigation is more intuitive and streamlined. We have also ensured that our new website meets certain ADA regulations, making it an overall better experience for everyone.

Allow us to give you a quick walk-through.

You’ve got to know how to sign in to your account, right?

You will still be able to Login to Online Banking on the Homepage location you have come to know. We have added a new Sign In location in the top right corner of every page. When you click on the Sign In button, a dropdown box will appear, like the image below. Enter your User ID here and click “Log In.” That will direct you to your Online Banking Account where everything will look and act the same, like you’re already accustomed to.

Easy peasy.

Sign In Location Image

What about the Routing number?

Front and center of every page. Well, top and just to the left of the Sign In button, to be more exact.

Routing Number Location Image

Looking for news, updates, or other important account information?

You can stay up-to-date on our Homepage. Just look directly below the current rates, click on either arrow to scroll through Premier Members Credit Union announcements.

Scrolling Announcements Image

Looking to learn more about Personal Banking? No problem!

Hover your cursor over the PERSONAL tab and below that, you’ll find Checking & Savings, Loans & Credit Cards, Mortgage Loans, Investment Services and Financial Education on the Navigation Menu. Hover your cursor there, and VOILA! All of our information about anything Personal Banking related is located here, like the image below.

Personal Navigation Menu and Layout

How about a little local banking for your business? We’ve got you covered.

This time, hover your cursor over the BUSINESS tab. Now the Navigation Menu will populate with Checking & Savings, Business Loans and Business Services – all the information you need for your Business account with us.

Business Navigation Menu Image


Still can’t find what you’re looking for?

How about a quick search? We’ve got a button for that.

Directly to the right of the Sign In button in the top right of the page, you’ll find a magnifying glass like in the image below. Click there and enter your search terms. Bingo.

Search Button Location Image


We are excited to share our newly redesigned website with you. Get ready for a whole new Premier Members Credit Union website experience!

If you are still having problems, no problem! We see taking care of our members as an art. We’d be happy to help. Give us a call at 303.657.7000.

Better Website FAQs

Has the URL for the Premier Members Credit Union website changed?

No, the URL has not changed. You can still get to the Premier Members Credit Union website from the URL you have come to know.

Did the website update have an impact on online banking or has online banking changed?

No, the website update did not have an impact on online banking or your ability to access online banking.

The website is not coming up correctly on my browser, what do I do?

In your browser, you will need to clear your cache.  Go into the browser settings/tools and clear the browsing data.  After that is complete refresh the page.  The website should now display correctly.