Pillars of Being Premier



We procure over 600,000 kWh of renewable energy annually to run our operations.


Donated $30,000 to sustainability-related causes in 2022.


We diverted over 26,000 pounds of electronics waste from members since 2022.

Being a sustainable organization means that we value the communities in which we operate, the people we serve, and the nature we rely on as much as we value our ability to thrive and grow financially.

Our Sustainability Mission

To change what sustainability means in the financial industry by handcrafting a future alongside our community to ensure we’re all here for each other in the long-term, while still supporting our local areas today.

To find out more about our progress and actions that we are taking, please view our latest report!

Supporting the grassroots in our backyard

Our program recognizes that true sustainability is more than just resource conservation; it is deeply rooted in social equity as well. The nonprofits we partner with recognize this intersection and are doing incredible work not only in environmental sustainability but also in environmental justice. Check out the map below to see all the sustainability-focused nonprofits we are currently working with.