Youth Accounts

Premier Members CU offers several youth programs and products geared towards our younger members. They were created to both educate and help parents educate their children about how to manage their finances prior to high school graduation.

Checking Accounts

Starter Checking

Interested in opening your first checking account? Our Starter Checking account is a great choice. You’ll get everything you need to bank better.

Starter Checking provides:

  • Reduced risk of overdraft
  • Helps with basic transactions
  • Checkless banking

Smart Checking

Want a little more with your checking? Our Smart Checking account is ideal for those who prefer a simple, straightforward approach to banking.

Smart Checking provides:

  • Simple, free checking – plus all the account features you expect
  • No minimums or fees

Online banking

Access your accounts anytime and almost anywhere with free online banking. With online banking you can check balances, transfer funds, view history and even pay your bills online, all for free!

VISA Debit/Check card

Get cash or make purchases around the world with a Premier Members Visa Debit/Check card. With access to a nationwide network of surcharge-free ATMs you’ll save money with our debit cards. Debit cards include:

  • Chip technology, adding an additional layer of security to your card at the point of purchase
  • Tap and go technology for a contactless experience where tap and go is accepted
  • The ability to add your card to your digital wallets such as Apple Pay and Android Pay

Youth savings

Youth educated savers (Age 0-17)

Our Young Educated Savers Club is designed for ages 0-17 in order to provide the practical knowledge and hands-on experience of saving and money management. Premier Members CU offers the financial tools and opportunities that you’re looking for, along with the information you need to build a strong foundation of financial independence. In addition to opening a savings and checking account, you have access to auto loans for your first vehicle as well as Student Credit Cards, so that you might begin to establish and learn about credit in a responsible manner with parental involvement.

Current youth savings rates

Open an account

Stop in at any of our branch locations to open your account.
Parental involvement is required for minors under the age of 18 to open an account.
Acceptable forms of identification (to verify DOB) are:

  • Birth Certificate
  • Non-expired Government issued ID
  • or Non-expired US Passport

Social Security Number is also needed to open an account.