Youth Accounts

Premier Members CU offers several youth programs and products geared towards our younger members. They were created to both educate and help parents educate their children about how to manage their finances prior to high school graduation.

Youth Checking

Premier Members Credit Union provide a fee-free Visa Debit Card, free access to your funds via Mobile Banking and Online Banking, and with the convenience of direct deposit with free automatic transfers and unlimited check writing.

Basic Checking

  • No Minimum Balance Required
  • No Monthly Service Charge/Fee
  • Unlimited Check writing
  • Instant Issue Custom Debit Cards

Online Banking

Access your accounts anytime and almost anywhere with free online banking. With Online Banking you can check balances, transfer funds, view history, and even pay your bills online, all for free!

VISA Debit/Check Card

Get cash or make purchases around the world with a Premier Members Visa Debit/Check card. With access to a nationwide network of surcharge-free ATMs you’ll save money with our debit cards.

Instant Issue Debit Card Program

Instant issue debit cards allow members to open a checking account and receive their card the same day; ready to use at the ATM, stores, and businesses. Enjoy the benefits:

  • No more waiting 10 or more days for your debit card and PIN
  • Convenience of having immediate access to your funds with your debit card
  • If card is lost or stolen, new replacement cards are available in minutes
  • Security of having your debit card and PIN in hand before you leave the branch

Debit Cards must be printed in-person and are available at all branches.

Chip Technology is now at Premier Members Credit Union

Premier Members Credit Union is committed to protecting your security and account information. That’s why we’ve added chip technology to our Visa debit and credit cards. With chip technology, you have added security and greater acceptance worldwide.

Open an Account

Stop in at any of our branch locations to open your account or open an online account. Parental involvement is required to open an account.

Youth Savings

Choose an account that fits your age.

Rags To Riches Savings Club (Ages 12 and Under)

The Rags to Riches Savings Club is designed for children 13 and under in order to provide the practical knowledge and hands-on experience of saving and money management with parent involvement.

Rags to Riches Story

RAGS is a lovable pup from the magical land of Riches Galore, who is always itching to spend his hard earned money. Along with all of the Rags to Riches Club members, RAGS is learning the importance of saving and spending wisely.

Youth Educated Savers (Age 14 – 17)

Our Young Educated Savers Club is designed for teens ages 14 to 17 in order to provide the practical knowledge and hands-on experience of saving and money management. Premier Members CU offers the financial tools and opportunities that you’re looking for, along with the information you need to build a strong foundation of financial independence.

In addition to opening a savings and checking account, you have access to auto loans for your first vehicle as well as Educational Student Credit Cards, so that you might begin to establish and learn about credit in a responsible manner with parental involvement.

At this age, our Student Credit Union program may also be available to you, click on Student Credit Unions for more information.

Current Youth Savings Rates