Your Premier Members CU Volunteers and Executive Team:

Board Of Directors

Mark Gisi - Chair Person

Wayne Turnacliff - Co-Chair Person

Janet Beaver - Vice Chair Person

Michael Meyers - Secretary

Ken Black - Co-Secretary

Jim Clemmer - Treasurer

Harvey A. Kamionka - Co-Treasurer

Jim Ellis - Director

Joanne Tilley - Director

Brian Gisi - Director

Elaine Hutchings - Director

Peter Jansky - Director

Harvey E. Kamionka - Director

Wade Payne - Director

Lynel Vallier - Director

Supervisory Committee

Gary Horton - Chair Person

Sheuch-Fong Hsu - Member

Jean Bonelli - Member

Bud Clifford - Member

Amanda Ingalls - Secretary

Mary O'Shea - Member


Carlos Pacheco - CEO

Rick Allen - President/CEO

Executive Team

Brian Resch - Chief Administration Officer

Jason Bauer - Chief Marketing Officer

Lindsay Sandham - Chief Lending Officer

Mark Rowan - Chief Information Officer

Mark Wiete - Chief Financial Officer

Matt Rarden - Chief Operating Officer