Account Switch Kit

Switching to Premier Members Credit Union is Easy

Premier Members CU has made moving your accounts fast and convenient with our Account Switch Kit. All the letters and forms you will need to make this transition as easy as possible are provided hereā€¦ so all you have to do is fill out the forms online, print them and mail the letters to the appropriate companies and/or individuals.

1.Open an account at Premier Members Credit Union.

How To Join
To join Premier Members CU you can: Apply Online or at your nearest branch location.

An initial deposit of $5 is required to open your account. This $5 is the minimum balance that must remain in your share savings account. If you ever decide to close your account, the minimum $5 balance is returned to you.

If you are sending your deposit via the mail, make your check payable to yourself and we will deposit it to your share savings account. We also require a photocopy of a valid (unexpired), state-issued picture I.D.

2.Stop using your old account.

3.Select letter(s) below to print and mail.

Account Switch Kit

Switch Kit - Checklist

Print the checklist, then check off boxes on printed copy as you complete items.

Close My Account

This letter is to notify your previous bank that you are closing your account and gives them instructions for disbursement of any remaining funds.

Switch My Automatic Withdrawal or Payment

Send this form to companies notifying them that you want to transfer existing automatic payments from your previous financial institution to Premium Members Credit Union. Payment examples include: utilities, day care, fitness clubs, insurance companies, mortgage, etc.

Set Up Automatic Withdrawal Or Payment

Send a notification to companies in order to set up new automatic payments.

Set Up My Direct Deposit

Use this form to sign up for direct deposit of your payroll into your Premier Members Credit Union checking account.

Switch my Direct Deposit

Use this form to change your direct deposit from your old account(s) to your new PMCU account(s). This may include deposits for payroll, social security, etc.

To change Social Security deposits, visit:

Or call the Social Security Administration at:
1-800-772-1213 (TTY 1-800-325-0778)

Cancel my Automatic Withdrawal or Payment

Send written notices to companies who automatically take payments from your checking account (utilities, mortgage, insurance, brokerage, credit cards, internet service providers, transfers to other banks, child support or court issued payments, etc.) notifying them that you are closing the account.

Verify that your direct deposits and automatic payments have begun posting to your new Premier Members Credit Union account.

Adobe Reader

You may need Adobe Reader to view and print these applications. If you do not already have it, download it now.