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What is Money 360?

Money 360 provides targeted financial literacy education using a digital app as well as a classroom-based, curated financial literacy curriculum. The program provides gamified financial literacy lessons with rewards-based incentives. The bilingual app includes over 800 modules on 54 different topics, from opening a bank account to saving for retirement – and everything in between.

When correctly answering questions, learners earn points in the form of Pineapples, which can be redeemed as donations to vital Colorado-specific nonprofits.

Money 360 makes learning fun, simple, and social, providing financial education to all! It includes real-world personal finance scenarios, relevant for users ages 13 and older.

What Users Are Saying

“I’ve really been enjoying been enjoying Money 360. It’s been very helpful, and I already have plans to begin a savings account! I never thought would’ve been able to do that before but thanks to the app I feel I can be more financially responsible.”

“It has been helpful for me to learn about stocks and bonds, budgeting, and keeping an emergency fund.”

“I’ve loved learning about the stock market as well as the different types of priorities when it comes to when saving.”

Learn More

Let us bring Money 360 to your school or organization. Contact us at student@pmcu.org to learn more about this incredible financial literacy program and a customized curriculum.