Avoid the Plastics

Reducing the amount of trash we throw out is something that we actively monitor at all of our branches, and we’ve had success with our recycling and compost efforts. As artisans, we want to be as respectful of our environment as we can. As a credit union, we obviously deal with lots of paper and some of that is unavoidable, however, there are a lot of ways to avoid using plastics quite so much. Here are a few of our favorite ideas:

  1. Bring reusable fruit and veggies bags when you go shopping. If you need one, we have reusable canvas totes at your local branch, just ask for one next time you stop in.
  2. We love our coffee. We love our coffee even more in our favorite mug. Travel mug, ceramic, or glass, our own reusable cup makes our daily cuppa feel like home, and is a delicious way to reduce your waste.
  3. This one kind of burst our bubble, but your bubblegum is probably made of plastic. While it is a little shocking, it’s good to know that it can also be recycled. If you decide to keep chewing gum after that.

If you’re just starting to be conscious of your waste reduction, be careful – it can be overwhelming, but starting slowly with a couple of small steps will make a big difference. What else would you add to our list? Send us your tips to: Garrett Chappell (GChappell@pmcu.org).