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Updated online and mobile banking are here!

We’ve renovated our Online Banking and Mobile Banking and the updated look and feel will make your digital experience feel as handcrafted as if you were walking into your neighborhood branch. Easier to navigate, and more customizable than your favorite work station, we think you’re going to like it.

NEW ENHANCEMENT: Your FICO® score is now available!

Accessing your credit score is now as easy as logging into your digital banking. Located in your widget options menu, please find the FICO Score widget under the available section. Once added, you can add it to your favorites!
You’ll find:

  • Your FICO® score (updated monthly)
  • The date your FICO® score was pulled
  • Top 2 factors that are affecting your score

It’s updated monthly, and you don’t have to worry about any credit impact from it. Most importantly, it’s free. It really was a no-brainer to add it to your digital banking experience, and we hope it helps you better track your finances. To learn more about FICO® scores visit

If you have questions about digital banking, or how to improve your FICO® score, give one of our Artisans of Banking a call at 303.657.7000.

Here are the new Mobile App features:

  • Mobile users will need to update or download the new apps on Google Play (must uninstall old app and download new app) or the Apple App (update or uninstall and download new app) stores. The new apps are named Premier Member Credit Union (formerly Premier Members Mobile).
  • Access your statements
  • Add new products and apply for loans
  • Manage and view recurring bill payments
  • Pending payments and deposits will be available
  • View all accounts in one view
  • Request Replacement Cards, Manage Travel Notifications, block a lost/stolen card
  • View your check images
  • Schedule payments in Bill Pay or External Transfers to manage your accounts all in one system

Read all about Mobile Banking in the User Guide.

And the new features for Online Banking:

  • Add accounts from participating financial institutions to view balances and payment due dates
  • Schedule payments in Bill Pay or External Transfers to manage your accounts in one system
  • Create and manage a budget of all your accounts
  • Add additional accounts as overdraft sources
  • Request Replacement Cards, Manage Travel Notifications, block a lost/stolen card
  • Order new checks and stop payments
  • Set your desktop background from a variety of templates
  • Enhanced security with one-time passcodes via text, email and phone
  • Add additional accounts for overdraft protection

Read all about Online Banking in the Users Guide.

Here is some important information for you to know about:

Browser Support

  • We do not recommend using Internet Explorer as your web browser when accessing Online Banking. In general, PMCU online banking operates on the last two versions of supported browsers. This ensures PMCU online banking is up to date with the latest browser releases and also ensures browsers are as secure as possible. The following browsers are supported:
    • Google Chrome: Latest 2 versions (87.x, 88.x)
    • Firefox: Latest 2 versions (83.x, 84.x)
    • Microsoft Edge: Latest 2 versions (87.x, 88.x)
    • Safari: Last 2 major versions or 1 major version if over 1 year old (El Capitan 11.x, Sierra 12.x, High Sierra 13.x, Mojave/Big Sur 14.x)
    • Chrome for Android: Last 2 major versions (87.x, 88.x)
    • Mobile Safari for IOS: Last 2 major versions (13.x, 14.x)

Browser Support Alert
The browser support alert (popup that automatically displays if the end user is not using a known supported browser) has been configured to accommodate a broader browser version spectrum. It does not popup and alert end users based on the official supported browsers list above.

Device Support
PMCU online banking operates on Windows and Apple OS X computing platforms as well as Android and IOS mobile platforms

  • Windows: versions that are still supported by Microsoft and support a browser listed above
  • OSX: versions that are still supported by Apple and support a browser listed above
  • Android: v6.0 and above
  • IOS: the last 2 major releases (13.x, 14.x)

Bill Payments

  • The new system will only allow one Bill Pay profile per member Tax ID. Please consolidate your Bill Pay information to ensure only one Bill Pay profile is maintained and disable the others.
  • eBills have not been converted and will need to be re-established.

Scheduled Transfers

  • IMPORTANT: Please look for your scheduled transfers for internal and external accounts before scheduling new transfers or making payments to avoid duplication.

Mortgage Payments

  • You will have a new view for your PMCU Mortgage Payment history and payment options. Payments currently scheduled will continue to be made.
  • Your mortgage payments can be viewed and managed in the Scheduled Transfers area in the new app.
  • You will no longer use the View Statement link.
  • Centennial Lending mortgages will continue to be managed on the Centennial Lending website.

Shared Access

  • You can now allow access to specific accounts for other online banking users


  • You will need to enroll for eStatements and eNotices to view them during your first login to the new system. You can do this any time after the conversion through our Online Banking.
  • You can view your statements for your registered account. Access to statements for other accounts will be added in the near future.

Transaction History

  • Transaction history in our core system will continue to be available after conversion. Historical statements and tax documents will continue to be available in the new Statements & Notifications section.


  • Please make sure you deactivate and re-establish the link to your new online banking.
  • You may have to map to your existing accounts again to avoid creating a new account.

Account Nicknames

  • Account Nicknames have been transferred into the new system.


  • Alerts will not be converted and will need to be re-established in the new system.

Minors 12 and under

  • Parents should be aware that that data is being collected as if they were an adult. Minors 12 years of age and under will no longer be able to log into online banking

Take a look around and let us know what you think. If you have any questions, please give us a call at 303.657.7000.