Meet Artie

We’re excited to introduce Artie, your new assistant at PMCU

Who is Artie?

Artie is PMCU’s Intelligent Virtual Assistant (IVA), utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI). Artie will be able to respond to different questions and requests and is always looking to improve itself to provide more services and assistance for members.

What can Artie help you with?

Just ask Artie a question, and he’ll respond with the answer.

Here are a few things Artie can do:

  • Provide your routing number
  • Find the nearest ATM and PMCU branch locations
  • Provide PMCU branch hours
  • Help you apply for a loan or open an account
  • Help you sign up for eStatements or Online Banking
  • Provide rates
  • Provide your account balances
  • Provide your loan balance, next payment due date, and amount
  • Make transfers between your accounts

And much more!

Artie FAQs

What hours is Artie available?

Artie is available 24/7 by contacting PMCU at 303.657.7000. If Artie is unable to assist you, we have our Contact Center available to help you during our normal business hours.

Can I still speak with a live person?

You can still speak with a live person during normal business hours. Just ask Artie, and you’ll be connected. If you know your party’s 4-digit extension, ask Artie to “Dial an extension,” and you’ll then be directed to enter the 4-digit extension followed by “#” and be directly transferred.

What language does Artie speak?

Artie can understand and respond in English; however, you can still receive Spanish support through TellerPhone Express. Call 303.657.7000, choose option 2 to reach the TellerPhone Express menu, or call TellerPhone Express directly at 303.417.1825. Artie will be available in Spanish soon.

What is Voice Biometrics?

By signing up for Voice Biometrics, you can access your account details using your voiceprint. Your voice recording is not directly stored; it is encrypted for security. To sign up, you’ll need to fill out and submit a simple authorization form. Just ask Artie to send it to you. Once that is completed, you’ll then set up your voiceprint for future authentication.

What about two-factor authentication?

We will be using a two-factor authentication with Artie. Artie will ask for several account items for verification, or you can use Voice Biometrics. Rest assured that this is completely secure, and you will not be recorded. Following verification, a one-time password will be sent to your smartphone.