Our smallest branch fits on your phone

Handcrafted service

Handcrafted service means something a little different these days. As the Artisans of Banking, we’re still giving you the bespoke customer service we’re known for, now even more easily accessed from the convenience of your own computer, tablet or phone.

Fits in your pocket

We’re calling it our newest Tiny Branch, since it’ll fit in your pocket, but the services are as life-sized as ever and it feels as welcoming as your neighborhood branch. Every feature has been created in typical, craftsman style, thought out to the tiniest detail.

Artisans of Banking

What all can we fit inside this Tiny Branch? Pretty much everything. Apply for loans and new products, like at a full-size branch. Pay your bills, like at a full-size branch. Even deposit checks (from your phone), like at a full-size branch. We’re still working on the tiny, digital lollipops. Stay tuned.

First, we put the art in banking, and now we’re putting that banking in your phone. One member account at a time. Become a member today.

Logging on is as secure as visiting
your neighborhood branch, but way easier.

Depending on your mobile device, you can skip typing in your password every time,
and even view your account balance. It’s kind of like skipping the line.

You can even link any external accounts to
easily manage finances all in our Tiny Branch.

Once you’re logged in, all of your accounts will be laid out for you, along with the option
to link any external accounts so you can easily manage your finances all in our Tiny Branch.
Track your activity or make a payment by clicking on the account you’d like to view.

Transfer Amount Screen

Transferring between your accounts

With a couple of clicks, you can move money between your internal
accounts (including any previously linked external accounts.)


FICO® Score

Keep a closer eye on your finances with our newest feature in our Tiny Branch
and check your FICO® Score. Free, pulled once a quarter, and will include
key factors impacting your credit score.

Enable Camera for Deposit Screen

Depositing a check is now easier than
the drive-thru in our Tiny Branch.

Once you enable camera access, you’ll be able to enter the check amount,
scan the check and deposit it. All from your phone.

Quick Apply Screen

Apply online

You can even apply for one of our Savings or Earn Big Free Checking
accounts, a personal loan or even a mortgage loan. Like at a full-size branch.

We make taking care of our members an art

Even though we’re not painters, we think the creativity and attention to detail we put into banking will make you see the art in our service.

Plus, isn’t art about how it makes you feel? And we want you to feel at home with us,

The Artisans of Banking.

A few of our favorite performers

We’ve handmade everything in-house, from our credit cards to savings to checking accounts, and everything in between.

Your money market

Earn 5.00% APY* on your first $2,000.

Life-Stage Checking

Accounts designed for where you are in life.

Mortgage Loans Made Easy

In the market to buy or refi – we’ve got you covered

You Can Join

  • A minimum deposit of $5 to establish your membership savings account
  • Driver’s License/State ID or Passport
  • Social Security Number
  • Date of Birth
  • Information on any Joint Account Owners, Beneficiaries, Business Owners or Responsible Individuals