What does that even mean, The Artisans of Banking?

It means that the care we put in to working with you is what you’d expect from an artist painting their masterpiece. Do you want us actually creating art for you? Probably not. But we do put the art in your mortgage so you can put the art in your home.

You’re not just a customer here, you’re family. And it’s not just a mortgage loan, it’s our magnus opum.


Get a $3,000 closing credit* on new purchase mortgage loans.

What we made for you:

$3,000 closing cost credit on purchases*

Great rates whether you’re buying or refinancing with us – view rates

In-house underwriting, processing, and servicing for confident, quick home buying process

Our experienced team of Mortgage Artisans will keep you updated throughout the process

Hard Working HELOCs

Get a rate as low as 3.75% APR when you open a new Home Equity Line of Credit.+

Get to Work

Mortgage Calculators

Use our financial calculators to help make the right mortgage decisions.

Type Description
Prepayment Savings Making additional mortgage payments reduces your interest costs by shortening the time it takes to pay off your mortgage and lowering your balance along the way.
Tax Savings Calculate your yearly tax savings.
Early Payoff Find the additional payment required to pay off your loan early.
Refinance Break-Even Point Calculate the number of months to break-even if you refinance the loan.
Rent vs. Own Are you better off buying your home, or should you continue to rent?
Debt Consolidation Calculate the effect of combining other debt with your home mortgage. If you select Credit Card, Auto Loan, or Other but leave the interest rate blank, the calculator assumes a rate of 17.5%
Annual Percentage Rate Calculate the annual percentage rate for a loan.
Payment Amortization Calculate your monthly payment for fixed rate or adjustable rate loans.

*Based on an interest rate of 3% a payment amount equals $4.22 per $1,000 for a 30-year term. This amount does not include taxes, insurance or mortgage insurance premiums which, if applicable, will result in a greater payment obligation. Rates effective as of 11/1/2020. All rates subject to change without notice change at any time based on market conditions. Loan level price adjustments may apply. Premier Members will credit the borrower $3,000 against a conventional purchase mortgage loan. Down payment assistance programs and mortgage refinances excluded. Lender credit will be applied towards closing costs or prepaids. Mortgage loans are available on properties here in Colorado. Membership to Premier Members CU is required. Call for details.
+APR = Annual Percentage Rate. Rates are subject to change. Visit pmcu.org for a complete list of terms and conditions.