Panther Student Credit Union

Panther Student Credit Union is the Boulder High School branch of the Premier Members CU Student Credit Union Program. For specific information on the benefits of the Student Credit Union program, the services offered, and enrollment information, click on Student CU

Message from Your Principal

As part of the partnership between Boulder High and Premier Members CU, BHS Principal James A. Hill submitted the following letter to parents and students:

Special Promotion - Free $25 Cash!
Join the Student Credit Union and during the first five months from when the new account is opened, you'll earn $5 each month when five or more purchases are made with your new Visa Debit Card.

Services Offered

For more information on all the products and services offered at Panther Student Credit Union, click on Student CU Services

How to Join

For more information on how to join, click on Enrollment Information

Contact Information

For any questions regarding becoming a member, opening new products with Panther SCU, or general questions/concerns about Panther SCU, please use the following email address:
Or contact our Student Branch Liaison, Steve Carr, at 303.657.7558.

Employment Information

We are always looking for qualified students looking for opportunities to work at both the Panther SCU and Premier Members CU. Email us to check on the availability of job positions at

Employment Application

Panther Student Credit Union

  • Location: Boulder High Cafeteria
  • Days of Operation: Monday, Tuesday, & Friday
  • Hours of Operation: Open During 4th & 5th Period Lunch (11am-12:30pm)
  • Contact Info: 303.657.7558 or