Earth Day Recycling Event

Recycle your unwanted electronics.

Earth Day Recycling Event

Recycle your unwanted electronics.

Earth Day Recycling Event

Recycle your unwanted electronics.

Celebrating 52 Years of Earth Day

You asked for it, and we’re happy to announce that on April 22nd, the 52nd celebration of Earth Day, we’re hosting an Electronics Recycling Event. As the Artisans of Banking, we work hard to make sure that as much of our waste as possible flows to recycling and compost facilities. Most of our branch locations have zero waste stations available for both employees and members. And now, we’d like to help you keep your household materials out of the landfill, too.

Drop-off Hours at our Arapahoe Branch:

  • Friday, April 22: 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM (or until bins fill up)


We will be accepting the following items:

  • Household electronics, including flatscreen TVs (2 per member max), laptops, tower computers, computer monitors, keyboards/mice, all cables and wires, modems & routers, mobile & desk phones, printers & ink/laser jet cartridges, fax machines, audio equipment, remotes (batteries removed!) and VCRs/DVD players.
  • If you have an item you are unsure about, e-mail Nick Miranda at Eco-Cycle or Miles Hoffman at Premier Members

We will NOT be accepting the following items due to capacity. Please take these items to CHaRM for recycling:

  • CRT style televisions of any kind (non-flat screens)
  • Satellite Dishes
  • Media (CDs, VHS, tapes, records, floppy disks)
  • Appliances (microwaves, space heaters, etc.)

We will NOT be accepting these hazardous items, and they must be taken to the Boulder Household Hazardous Materials site:

  • Light bulbs of any kind, smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors
  • Non-electronics (such as paint, Styrofoam, packaging of any kind)
  • Rear projection TVs, or any TV in excess of 150 pounds

For computers and hard drives, we won’t be able to provide certificates of destruction (COD). You may take these directly to CHaRM to obtain a COD for $12. All hard drives collected at Premier Members will be shredded upon reaching the Eco-Cycle facility. We cannot guarantee the data will be protected until it is shredded as our collection will take place outside of our branch. All bins will be collected at the end of the event day.

If you can’t make it to Boulder, don’t worry! We’ll host additional events later this year (pending COVID regulations). We’ll announce the locations here and on our social media, so hang on to those electronics if you’d rather wait till we come closer to you.


In recognition of Earth Day in 2021, Premier Members Credit Union partnered with Eco-Cycle to host its first-ever electronics recycling event. More than 600 members and Premier Members employees participated in the drive the credit union’s Arapahoe branch. The event, offered as a perk to members and employees, successfully collected 27,307 pounds to divert from the landfill. Our event metrics from 2021 (full week of collecting) were:

Participating members and employees Over 600
Members dropping electronics off per hour 17
Total weight collected 27,307 lbs.
Value to recycle per participant $31.08
Greenhouse gas reduction 41,816.72 lbs.

We’re hoping this year we collect just as much (daily average) as we did in 2021. Eco-Cycle said it was the largest private collection event they’ve ever had! Enjoy some of the pictures of this amazing event.

electronics recycling event
electronics recycling event