Estate Planning

Trusts are important estate planning tools for many of our members.

Members Trust Company FSB

Trusts are important estate planning tools for many of our members. Designed to make legal provisions for the distribution of your estate to your loved ones in the event of your death, a trust can minimize (or even eliminate) estate taxes and probate expenses. It also gives you the opportunity to exercise control over how your assets will eventually be passed on to your heirs. Additionally, a trust can be used to assure the professional management of key assets during your lifetime. There are many different types of trusts, each custom-fit to your needs and wishes.

Members can take advantage of trust planning and money management services through Members Trust Company FSB, a professional Colorado-chartered, credit union-owned trust management firm. Their knowledgeable staff can assist you in evaluating your needs and recommend an appropriate trust arrangement. They will work with you and your estate planning attorney through the document drafting process to ensure that the provisions

will accomplish your goals. Members Trust Company can then act as your trustee or successor-trustee.

Trusts are not just for the extremely wealthy. How could a trust work for you?

  • Minimize estate taxes and preserve assets for your loved ones
  • Guide the manner and timing of the distribution of your estate
  • Make care provisions for children or disabled family members
  • Guide the management of your affairs, should you be disabled
  • Provide professional money management services right now

For more information or a complimentary meeting, contact Members Trust at 720.482.2501 or:

Members Trust Company FSB1009 Grant St Denver, CO 80203

You can also check out their website for additional information.