Credit ReBuilder Program

The Right Path to Repairing Your Credit


Your credit problems didn't happen overnight; re-establishing your credit will take time as well. But with patience and commitment to change, you can start rebuilding your credit and begin a whole new way of managing your money.
With Premier Members CU's Credit Builder VISA, you can avoid the high fees and costs associated with similar products offered by banks.

  • No Annual Fee, No Transaction Fee
  • A low rate of 14.9%
  • Limits ranging from $250 to $1,000
  • 25 day grace period on purchases

Over time, as you manage the card and your finances responsibly and your credit standing improves, the card can be upgraded to a standard VISA Classic Card.

Apply for the Credit ReBuilder Program

In order to apply for the special Credit Builder VISA, please call 303.657.7000 and speak directly with a Loan Officer.

Credit Management Resources

For more information and education on how to manage and re-establish credit visit our Credit Management informational page or access educational materials in our Financial Articles center.


Call us at 303.657.7000 to get signed up, and ask about protecting your loans, today.