First Time Home Buyers Workshop

I need a house that fits my family and a mortgage that fits my budget. How much house can I afford? What's my monthly payment? How much credit do I need? Will I qualify?

These questions and more will be answered in PMCU's FREE Home Buyer Educational Workshops:

Credit, Budgeting & Pre-Purchase

Learn the basics of obtaining, maintaining and re-establishing credit. Learn how a spending plan can guide you towards your first home purchase. Know what you qualify for prior to shopping for a home.

Additionally, learn the steps involved in the home-buying process. Learn what is involved after you purchase your new home.

At Premier Members CU, we know that taking that important step toward owning a home and achieving financial independence can leave you with many questions! If you are thinking about buying a home, plan to attend our FREE First Time Home Buyers Workshops. Our team of Mortgage Lending Experts will explain the home buying process and provide the information you need to purchase the home of your dreams with confidence.


Workshop Date Time

A light dinner will be provided.

Make your reservations today! Seating will be limited!
RSVP by the Thursday prior to each meeting. Contact reservations at 303.657.7000 Option 3 or email reservations to

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