Transfer a Balance and Get 6.99% APR*

Having a balance on a higher rate interest card costs you money. Here at Premier Members Credit Union, we want to help you save more of your money. That’s why we’re offering a 6.99% APR balance transfer rate plus no balance transfer fee to help you start 2017 off on the right foot.

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You could save $2,531 with this balance transfer offer.

Here’s how:

  • Let’s say you have a balance of $10,000 on a credit card at another financial institution and are currently paying an interest rate of 15%.

Scenario APR Interest Paid Balance Transfer Fee Months to Pay Off Total Interest and Fees
Keep the balance on the existing card at another financial institution. 15% $3,949.66 N/A 56 $3,949.66
Transfer a balance to another financial institution with a balance transfer fee and a limited time offer. 0.00% for
15 months
$1,290.82 $500 46 $1,790.82
Transfer a balance your Premier Members Visa with no balance transfer fee and a low rate for the life of the balance. 6.99% $1,418.20 $0.00 46 $1,418.20

Comparison card offer pulled from on December 20, 2016 and based on the
Chase Freedom balance transfer offer of 0% APR for 15 months and a 5% balance transfer fee.
Calculations are based on a $250 monthly payment and no additional charges.

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For information regarding Premier Members credit cards review the Credit Line Account Agreement and Federal Disclosure Statement.

* TERMS AND CONDITIONS *APR = Annual Percentage Rate. Credit qualifications and membership required. 6.99% APR applies to transferred balances only and balance transfer fee will be waived. To receive the promotional rate—the balance transfer cannot be less than $100 for each card balance transferred. If it is less, then the regular APR for your account shall apply. If transferring to Visa Platinum Rewards card, balance transfer amounts will not be applied to your rewards. New purchases are charged at the regular disclosed rate of your card. The 6.99% balance transfer rate is available for a limited time and the offer for the special rate may end at any time. Any new purchases, cash advances, or balance transfers made after the promotional offer of 6.99% APR ends on 3/31/2017 will be charged at the regular disclosed rate of your card. Maximum balance transfer for promotional rate is $20,000 or up to your available credit limit, whichever is less. Special rate is valid only for balance transfers from other credit card companies, financial institutions, or department store credit cards. The promotional rate for balance transfers will not apply for checks made payable to you, cash or to make payments toward amounts you owe Premier Members Credit Union. You will need to make sure to continue to make your monthly payments to the issuer/merchant until you receive a statement from the issuer/merchant reflecting the balance transfer payment, as transfers may not be immediate. Premier Members Credit Union will not be responsible for any finance charges or late fees incurred due to your nonpayment. Any balance transfers or convenience checks processed after the promotional period will incur finance charges at the standard rates. Payments always apply to the lowest interest rate balance first.