3.74% APR* HELOC

3.74% APR* HELOC

3.74% APR* HELOC

Put the equity you have in your castle
to work for you, Douglas County.

When you open a new HELOC at our new Castle Rock branch, receive a promotional rate as low as 3.74% APR when you use your equity between now and February 28th, 2020. (After December 31, 2020 your promotional rate will return to your qualifying line of credit rate as low as 5.25% APR for any new advance.)

Meet Your Money Market.

Real Returns
on Real-World Balances.

4.00% APY*
on Your First $2,000

Like your house got a job.
But you keep the money.

The Douglas County community has already been more welcoming and inviting than we
could’ve imagined, so we went ahead and put together a gift basket of promotions
handcrafted specifically for your new Castle Rock branch.


No fancy product names.
Handcrafted benefits.

Earn Big

New Pick Your Term Certificates

Earn 2.25% APY* on a
9 or 15-month term.

Choose Yours


Like a discount for your
next home.

Claim Yours

*Limited time offer. APR = Annual Percentage Rate. This HELOC product is a variable-rate line of credit with the ability to lock in a rate and term on advances when they are made. To lock in the promotional rate, funds need to be accessed before February 28, 2020. The promotional rate is good on those funds until December 31, 2020. After December 31, 2020 your promotional rate will return to your qualifying line of credit rate as low as 5.25% APR for any new advance. The rate on the line of credit is subject to change monthly on the 1st day of the month, based on the Wall Street Journal Prime Rate + your qualifying margin. After the draw period of 10 years, the loan must be repaid over a 15-year amortized repayment period. No closing costs other than 3rd party costs for lines under $250,000.00. Appraisal costs and additional title policy costs will apply to all lines from $250,000 – $500,000. Application must be received on or before December 31, 2019. Standard underwriting guidelines apply. Promo APR of Prime -1.51% (5.52% as of 09/01/19) for advances done prior to February 28th, 2020. Balances owed as of February 28th, 2020 will be fixed at the promotional rate until December 31st, 2020. Thereafter, an APR on 80% or less LTV loans will be Prime + 0(5.25% as of 09/01/19); 80.1 – 90% LTV loans will have an APR of Prime +5% (5.75% as of 09/01/19). The maximum APR is 18%. Rates vary based on qualifying credit tiers. Rates after the promotional period may vary and they are indexed to the prime rate (5.25% as of 09/01/19 with qualifying credit score of 740+). Homeowners insurance is required. Third Party Closing costs apply. Property must be primary residence in the state of Colorado. Not valid for existing PMCU HELOCs.