Chip Technology is now at Premier Members Credit Union

Premier Members Credit Union is committed to protecting your security and account information. That’s why we’ve added chip technology to our Visa debit and credit cards. With chip technology, you have added security and greater acceptance worldwide.

Added Security

Chip technology adds an additional layer of security to your card. When you insert your card at a chip-enabled terminal, a one-time code is generated that authenticates the transaction. Many U.S. retailers and ATMs have begun making the switch to chip-enabled terminals.

Easy to Use

Using your new chip card at a retailer:

  1. Insert and leave your card in the chip-enabled terminal
  2. Follow the prompts on the screen
  3. Remove your card when the transaction is complete

Using your chip card at the ATM:

Most of Premier Members Credit Union ATMs are updated to accept chip technology cards. Here’s what you can expect to see at a chip-enabled ATM:

  1. Use the ATM as you normally would
  2. If the ATM is chip-enabled, you’ll be prompted to re-insert your card and leave it in during the transaction
  3. Follow the prompts on the screen
  4. Remember to take your card, receipt, and cash with you at the end

Learn more about Chip Technology from Visa.


What is chip technology?

Also known as EMV (Europay, MasterCard and Visa), chip technology provides an added level of security at chip-enabled terminals.

How does the chip work?

When you insert and leave your card in a chip-enabled terminal, a unique one-time code is generated to authenticate the transaction.

Where can I use my chip enabled card?

Regardless if the retailer or ATM has a chip-enabled terminal, you can use your chip-enabled card everywhere Visa is accepted, just like your card today.

When will I get my new chip enabled card?

We are reissuing all Premier Members Credit Union Visa debit and credit cards over the next few months.

Can I keep my current card?

Your new chip technology card replaces the card you currently have. To avoid disruption to usage, activate your new chip technology card as soon as you receive it.

Did my card number change?

No, your card number is the same, however, your expiration date may be different. Be sure to update any automated payments you may have set up with your card.

Is Apple Pay coming soon?

Yes, we are working on bringing Apple Pay to you this spring.